Audio Fab

From October 2013 - June 2014 I worked as the fabrication manager for Brown Innovations in Boston. My time there honed my skills in various power tools, as well as a CNC routing machine. I worked with cherry and curly maple primarily when constructing speaker enclosures. Brown Innovations' unique sound focusing technologies are all developed on site; we localize, build, test, and prototype all new products ourselves.  The majority of Brown Innovations' products sit inside a hemisphere dome. 

Above: The new Wide Dispersion, which I helped redesign. A simple diagram of the sound focusing technology is below. 

Below: Some Single units after being sprayed with a varnish. 

Above: An older model of a unit designed for two listeners. 
Below: The shell of the new design for two listeners. 

Below: A SoundBeam 47" unit. 

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