Built Projects

The Beehive is a commissioned piece of interior architecture designed and built by myself exclusively. It serves as a wall partition/ boundary between a bar area and a living/ seating area in a warehouse apartment in Charlestown. It curves in two axies, creating a wave-like, amorphous shape. The basic idea is to create a porous boundary between the two spaces without totally isolating them individually. I used plywood to create each hexagon, and used two different dimensions. It was important for this partition to have functionality, so I developed dimensions that could accommodate books and objects. It took about a month to complete. 

Preliminary sketch: 

I've been building since I was in kindergarten, stacking wooden blocks into archaic skyscrapers before recess. I've built a few walls from dry stone construction. The one shown here took about a month to complete, including the split-rail fence pictured behind. 

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